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Ritzy Quilting Company

Hi Darling!

This is the greeting with which my grandmother always greeted me. It holds great significance, as her name was Ritzy, and it seems only fitting to welcome you with all the love she gave her guests to the company named for her.

A legacy of love

Quilts are stitched together from love and leave a legacy of beauty and warmth wherever they go.

The art of quilting offers much more than a warm cover to sleep under. A quilt is magic, it holds memories of laughter, can soothe a broken heart, honor a friend, celebrate a life accomplishment, welcome a newborn home and provide the best blanket fort to recuperate in when you are sick. The beauty of the quilt is that it takes on a life and purpose for the maker and the recipient.

Quilts are a legacy of love. Ritzy Quilting Company is the manifestation of the love and legacy of the precious family matriarch who taught me to quilt and in doing so inspired the founding of this company.

Let us help you create your own family heirloom and inspire your legacy of love!
Ritzy Quilting Company
Ritzy Quilting Company