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Ritzy Quilting Company

Longarm Services

Longarm Quilt
We proudly use a Gammill 2.0 Vision 10-22 and is hand operated, guaranteeing each quilt has attention to detail throughout. We offer edge to edge quilting patterns and the ability to customize patterns with freehand for your quilt.

Please contact us for information and appointment set up. We charge the industry standard of $.02 per square inch and use a fresh needle with every quilt. We have a minimum quilting fee of $60 on all items, this charge is only when very small items are longarmed as the set-up time and procedures required can be time consuming.

Getting Your Quilt Ready:

1. No buttons, rhinestones, loose ribbons, sequins, artificial flowers, no metal pieces glued, sewn or stapled to the quilt top.  These embellishments break needles and damage the longarm. Please save these finishing decorative touches for after the quilting process is completed.

2. The quilting process of attaching the backing fabric to the take up and backing leaders requires a minimum of 4 inches, with 6 inches being optimum for the backing fabric to be on all sides bigger than the top. This ensures that adequate tension can be achieved to make your quilt look it's best.

3. Please iron or press the top and backing fabric to be quilted. Look over your seams to make sure they are all sewn and remove all loose threads.

4. A note about thread choices and how these influence the finished look to keep in mind: Variegated thread will sometimes give an appearance of missed stitches, this is due to the light and dark of the thread pattern. If you use vastly different thread colors on the top and back of the quilt, you will see the opposite thread poke through on either side of the finished quilt. This is often an unavoidable characteristic of this design element. All efforts to prevent it will be employed, but no guarantees that you will not see "pokies" can be given.
Ritzy Quilting Company
Ritzy Quilting Company